One thought on “WERKS | My Name (Official sermon video) 4K

  1. This song reaches deep into my heart with it’s truth and makes me cry. Our Lord came and got me from a very sinful situation I had put myself in. He rescued me from it and delivered me out of it. Praise, glory, honor, and might be to the one and only begotten Son of YAH!

    Glenna, Glenna, He said, you want to do what I tell you, but you’re not doing it. Study and find what I mean. I did, now I know what love is.

    My darkness was deep, no light filtered in, as if in a sleep, my eyes would not open. Fear stretched out before me, leaving room for nothing else, where is my light of reason, I’m here all by myself. I cried out to my Maker, don’t turn your power away, please shine your light upon me, so I will never stray. He heard me crying out to Him and said in the word that’s His voice, I never turned away from you, that was your choice. You can live in the light without fear, in the love through my Son I have given, it must be accepted however, for on earth to be as in heaven.

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