Learn the Word of YHWH, and study to show yourself approved….



This video was made by another brother for me (i dont agree with graven images)but blessed video…love

5 thoughts on “SERMONS

  1. Im so thankful that GOd has brung me to this website, my eyes are being opened the scales are being removed just as i prayed and i know it is by the POWER OF GOD THAT I AM BEING SET FREE AMEN!!!!!!!!! please email me i’d love prayer against all the evil forces against the captive thoughts in rebellion towards GOD i need the LOVE of GOD in this dying world, i need HIM. GOD HAS SHAKEN ME Wake up wake up…im thankful…im going to rise up…and shake these demons off oh yes the LORD is MY STRENGTH…HES given me confidence as i asked…HE IS FAITHFUl…..<3 bye guys..i love you, ill be praying for GOD to move through this ministry for HIS will…:) amen, goodnight.

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